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County of South Lake

The County of South Lake makes up roughly a quarter of the land in the Duchy of Linijka, but about nine tenths of the population as South Lake encompasses Fumaya's capital city of King's Lake.


Given that the population and culture of South Lake is dominated by the city of King's Lake, a lot of the denizens are not local and the County of South Lake is fairly cosmopolitan without much of a local identity. Also, most of Fumaya's resident foreigners reside here.


Since the King of Fumaya is the direct ruler of the County of South Lake, and the King usually has a lot of his plate, most of local rulership of South Lake is delegated.   A burgermeister runs the City of King's Lake, the Master of Clay oversees the quarries, and a court wizard oversees the magic font. These are just the major posts.   Very commonly, the king will try to rotate his heirs through these posts when they come of age, so they can cut their teeth as leaders of smaller endeavors.

Industry & Trade

Since the County of South Lake encompasses the city of King's Lake, the county houses much of Fumaya's specialized tradesmen and specialized mercantile trade.   It is also the unofficial hub of Fumaya's magical trade, houses a fair number of wizards full time and housing Fumaya's only large public temple to the goddess Greymoria. In fact, the Nonagon plaza in King's Lake holds a major temple to every one of the Nine and most of the temples will buy and sell reagents and potions.   The County of the South Lake is the hub for most of the Fumaya's fishing industry.   The rich clay quarries have made the county the center of Fumaya's famous pottery industry.


The County of South Lake is in a temperate zone like most of Fumaya with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

South Lake has lots of fresh water sea food from the iconic lake they are south of. They don't have a lot of farmland, but the farmland they have is very fertile and is among the most productive land in Fumaya, acre per acre.   The County of South Lake encompasses some very productive clay quarries and one magic font. The quarries and the magic font are considered the personal demense of King of Fumaya
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