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County of East Lake

The County of East Lake makes up most of the Eastern portion of the Duchy of Linijka.


Most of the locals are human farmers. Proximity to Codenya has caused a little bit of cultural bleed over. The local farmers are more oriented towards respecting nature and lean more heavily Korus worship than most other Fumayans.

Industry & Trade

Most denizens of East Lake are farmers by trade or those who support to farmers. While they do have access to a river and a lake, most of the fishermen live and sell their catches in other lands.   The land of Codenya is fairly isolationist, but is not completely isolationist. Much of what limited trade occurs between Fumaya and Codenya is along this river.


Fumaya's central lake forms the core of the County's western border and the County is roughly split in half by a river that flows out of the lake and into the land of Codenya.   The geography is dominated by lightly forested plains and gently rolls hills.


The County of South Lake is in a temperate zone like most of Fumaya with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

Mostly farmland, some timberland.
Location under
Owning Organization

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