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land of Codenya

Codenya is the national territory of the wood elves and their allied forest creatures.   As one would expect, the home of the wood elves is covered in many forests. The wood elves have made a concerted effort to clear as little as they could but that doesn't mean they won't alter things. In small increments, the denizens have encouraged the spread of plants that are beneficial to them and curtail those that are detrimental.   Most of the population lives nomadic lives styles hunting and gathering for the spring and summer while lightly tending their pastoral crops and orchards. In the autumn they wind down their nomadic ways to harvest their crops and retire to their permanent winter settlements and live off of the bounty of their harvest until next spring.


62% wood elves, 12% Codenya satyrs, 10% druss elves, 6% forest gnomes, 2% Codenya kalazotz, 1% half-elves, 10% other sapient forest creatures.


The wood elves are xenophobic in general.  They would prefer to let no one at all in, and for a while they tried killing everyone who violated their teritory, but over the centuries, pragmatism has shown them that total isolation will only earn them enemies.   They maintain a small number of trading posts that allow any peaceful visitors in for a few weeks a year, but mostly visitors are heavily restricted.   The outskirts of their territory, they will warn people away, but they are not harmed.  Sone visitors are let in if they are escorted by a wood elf with some standing.   The interior is closed to all but the Stewards of Korus and a few high level diplomats.
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