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Foroden Port

Foroden Port is the Elven Empire's main remaining port in West Colassia.   Foroden Port is often called, "Shipwright's Home" because the main industry of the city is ship building. Almost all of the Elven Empire's merchant and miitary vessels are built here because the surrounding lands hold most of the Empire's timberland is nearby.


57% humans, 15% grey elves, 6% gnomes (50% "grey" gnomes, Stahlheimer gnomes 25%, 15% Swynfaredian gnomes 20% Other), 5% tengku, 4% half-elves, 8% other


The Elven Empire cannot afford to lose their only substantial shipyard, so the harbor regularly has warships anchored there or patrolling nearby.   A lot of soldiers are stationed here and there are many forts. The ruling lord's castle is largest and strongest castle the Elven Empire has outside of the Island of Lunatus.

Industry & Trade

Ship building is the main industry, but the secondary industry of trade is almost as important.   The port is ideally located for trading goods between Swynfaredia, Stahlheim, Kantoc and the lands of Umera though some port visitors are from farther abroad.   There are some surrounding farms and good fishing in the area, but the port still has to import a fair bit of food from abroad.


Essentially a large forested pensula has a port city on the tip surrounded by farm land.

Natural Resources

The nearby forests are the main resource. The land is fertile for farming but the ruling elves minimize culitivation so they can maximize their timber yields.   There is some decent fishing in the nearby waters.   Metalwork, coal, reagents and pretty much everything that isn't food or timber needs to be imported frome elsewhere.
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North Port, Shipwright's Home
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