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During the Second Unmaking , gnome refugees ended up joining forces with anyone who would accept them.  A lot of them ended up with the ancestors of the grey elves.   When the spillover effects of the Second Unmaking were largely over, many gnomes spread about Scarterra in a massive disasphora, but not all did.  The gnomes in the lands of the Elven Empire claim they have lived among the grey elves since before they were even called grey elves.   As the Elven Empire gradually became less elven, gnomes were often called upon to be impartial mediators between elves and humans , usually with the gnomes acting in an informal capacity. A small number of gnomes took on official roles within the government.   Recently, current Empress has decreed that more non-elves should be appointed to high positions. This was intended to provide enfranchise more humans and half-elves, but a lot of these new positions have been given to gnomes.   Many of the Empress’ governors and vassals oppose giving the human and half-human rabble more power and since the decree only states “non-elves must be appointed,” gnomes were often appointed to exploit this loophole.   Not every gnome appointee was put in because of this technicality, many are appointed on their merit.  Given their natural social skills and long life spans, gnomes often legitimately merit these posts. Thus, they have power disproportionate to their small numbers in the Elven Empire.   Other gnomes find gnomes a little overly formal, but most non-gnomes find "grey" gnomes to be virtually indistinguishable from gnomes anywhere else.
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