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Swynfaredian gnomes

Gnomes are the distant second most common demographic seen in Swynfaredia with humans making up the vast majority of the population.   Gnomes make up about 5% or 6% of the total population.  Swynfaredian gnomes are a little bit more cliquish than most gnomes living in other nations.  They are polite enough with outsiders, but most Swynfaredian gnomes live in quiet all-gnome agricultural communities and most city dwelling gnomes prefer to live or work in "the gnome quarter."  Swynfaredian human nobles don't usually worry about this.  The gnomes pay their taxes on time and rarely make waves.   Wizards are an unusual demographic in Swynfaredia.  Official doctrine is that sorcerers are superior to wizards so wizards are publicly treated poorly but behind closed doors, wizards are valuable for their aptitude in creating potions and scrolls, so if a wizard is willing to be sneered at in public, he can quietly amass a lot of gold in private.  A lot of wizards move to Swynfaredia for a few years, amass a small fortune, then leave.   For whatever reason, Swynfaredian sorcerers find gnome wizards less threatening than human wizards, so they are treated somewhat more politely.  A majority of wizards born and trained in Swynfaredia are gnomes though a lot of Swynfaredian's human wizards are foreign born.    
There are proportionally as many gnome sorcerers in Swynfaredia as anywhere else Swynfaredia has more gnome sorcerers than elsewhere but they are very still very rare, rarely more than one can count on two hands. A lot of gnome sorcerers and sorcresses from abroad choose to immigrate to Swynfaredia for the chance in upwards mobility such as the current Speaker for the Gnomes, who is the granddaughter of a Penarchian dragon.
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  In theory a gnome sorcerer or sorceress could gain a hereditary title with land but in reality in order for this to work a gnome sorcerer would have to marry a gnome sorceress and the couple would have to be ennobled together. Gnomes prefer to marry for love and rarely consent to politically oriented marriages.   Gnome sorcerers and sorceresses are eligible to hold a wide variety of prestigious titles. Many nobles are favorably disposed towards gnomes and go out of their way to hire gnome sorcerers into their courts.

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