Swynfaredian Vulgar Argot

There are exceptions but most Swynfaredians are not very pious so the normal Offensive Language in Scarterra doesn't usually apply here, it's just not offensive enough.    Swear words and profanity make mockery of whatever society considers sacred. This makes Swynfaredian vulgar argot easy to come up with. Anything that treats the idea of dragons flippantly would qualify.   The Dragon’s Arse: Anyone on the outs with the queen. This has also trickled downhill so that anyone at any level of society can be “the Dragon’s Arse” if their boss is mad at them. “Since the guard accidentally let the thief escape, the captain has made him the Dragon’s Arse.”     The Dragon’s Gaping Nut Sack: Anyone who is viewed as a liability to their family, unit, court, organization or anything else. “Sir Reginald cannot keep a secret to save his life. He is really the Dragon’s Gaping Nut Sack in this court.”     The Dragon’s Molted Scales: Never mind that real dragon’s don’t molt or shed their scales. This is a term for anyone that is expendable. “Look where we are being assigned on the battle line! We are the dragon’s molted scales!”     The Dragon’s Frills: Definition 1: The Dragon’s Frills is a derogatory term for any dragon blooded noble that is utterly useless or otherwise unqualified for the position they are holding.   Definition 2: The illegitimate lover of a dragon blooded noble.     The Dragon’s Nose: Anyone given a temporary assignment by the queen or some other high ranking noble.     The Dragon’s Egg: A pregnant sorceress. Moderately less disrespectful than the other items on this list.     Dragon Fly: A non-noble sorcerer/ess or low ranking noble sorcerer/ess with pretentions above his/her station.     Thurakel Flower: A commoner (usually female) that is trying to sleep with a dragon blooded noble.     Thurasquib:  A squib that is overly sycophantic to sorcerers.     “I am the Dragon’s Total Indifference”: The Swynfaredian equivalent of “Talk to the hand, cause the face ain’t listening.”     The Dragon’s Shiny Crest: A noble who is especially arrogant which is really saying something since Swynfaredian dragon bloods are known to be arrogant.     The Dragon’s Hoard: Anything really good. “You got to try the pies at the shop in the bakery in the Gnome Quarter, it’s the Dragon’s Hoard.”     “A Dragon’s Humility”: Something that is hard to believe. “I do not believe you killed six orcs single handedly any more than I believe a Dragon’s Humility.”     Half-Dragon: Figurative term for a bastard child of a Swynfaredian noble conceived with a non-magical person. Note, literal half-dragons are actually treated with respect.     Witch-blood: Derogatory term for a sorcerer with no or merely weak draconic heritage.     Dragon's Booger: Sarcastic mocking celebration, the equivalent of "whoopty-freaking-do" in modern times. "Ooooh, you bought a magical potion of a first circle spell! Aren't you the Dragon's Booger."     Swineherdian: Mocking term other nations refer to Swynfaredians by. Some go even further bringing pigs into everything. It's a deadly insult to call the The Dragon's Breath, "the Swine's Breath "for instance. (Honestly, do you want to insult someone who was appointed solely for their ability to blow things up with magic?).

Cover image: Monty Python Holy Grail screen capture by Monty Python


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