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Speaker for the Gnomes

Most Swynferidian Kings and Queen choose to appoint a Speaker for the Gnomes.   The Speaker for the Gnome’s job is to travel around visiting gnome communities and make sure that the gnomes are being treated well. Nowadays this is a simple job, but generations ago there was a king who hated gnomes and this triggered a violent response from the Order of Delas and their assassins and spies in the Dagger of Delas.   This convinced the nobles of Swynfaredia that they couldn't take the loyalty of the gnomes for granted. While admittedly this a token position of little importance, it is a symbolic reminder to all Swynfaredian nobles that the gnomes cannot be ignored or mistreated without paying a high price.


Must be a gnome sorcerer or sorceress and live in Swynfaredia.


Travel around Swynfaredia visiting all the gnome subcommittees and making sure the gnomes are being well treated.


Money and prestige
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Royal decree from the king or queen
Length of Term
lifetime appointment, though if the king or queen dies, they can appoint a new Speaker for the Gnomes if they choose to do so.
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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