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Countess of Dragon Falls

The Countess of Countess of Dragon Falls is the feudal ruler in charge of the County of Dragon Falls.   The position is a direct vassal to the Duchess of Dwyns, but the Countess of Dragon Springs and the Duchess of Dwyns are the same person, so by the transitive property, the Countess reports to Queen of Swynfaredia.   The title is unisex and passes to the eldest direct heir with sorcery, whether they are a sorcerer or sorcress. It just happens to be the case that the current ruler is a sorceress and thus is called "Countess" rather than "Count".

Cultural Significance

The Duchess of Dwyns is also the Countess of Lesser Dwyns. That is line with Sywnfaredian norms as Lesser Dwyns houses the ducal castle.   It is somewhat controverial that the Duchess of Dwyns is a "double Countess" holding on to County of Dragon Falls rather than divesting it to a family members which would be the "respectable" to do though probably not the financially prudent thing to do.
Nobility, Hereditary
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