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Duchess of Dwyns

The Duchess of Dwyns is the feudal ruler of Duchy of Dwyns, and is a direct vassal of the Queen of Swynfaredia.   The title is unisex and passes to the most direct heir with sorcery regardless of whether the heir a sorcerer or sorceress. The current title holder is a sorceress and therefore a duchess, not a duke.


Pay ducal duties and obligations. Administer to the basic needs and protections of the denizens of the duchy.


The Duchess of Dwyns collects a tithe from her vassals and can call upon their soldiers and banner men in times of need.


The Duchy of Dwyns was named after it's first ruler, Duchess Dwyns. The ducal family always names their first born girls Dwyna and their first born boys Dwynis.   Because sorcery is unpredictable, the person holding the title has not always been a Dwyn, but this is usually the case as is now.
Nobility, Hereditary
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