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Count of Klarica

the Count of Klarica is the feudal ruler of the lead-rich Klarica County.   The title is unisex, the current ruler is a male count, but he inherited the title from his Countess mother.


Pay feudal taxes and see to the welfare of the denizens of the realm, the non-slave population at least.


The Count of Klarica recieves all income and taxes from the realm. In this case it means he collects the profits from the realm's lead exports.


Klarica is a tough realm with tough rulers.   Male or female, every Count or Countess of Klarica has been a ruthless and shrewd hard nosed ruler.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
the Lead Lord
Length of Term
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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