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House Selwyth

Selwyth is a fairly unassuming lesser house. Much how House Gareth is viewed as the sidekick House Numaness , Selwyth seems to be auditioning to be the sidekick of House Goirsonad picking up a lot of their habits with regards to spy networks.   Whereas Gareth and Numaness act as complements to each other, Selwyth is like a mini-me clone of Goirsonad copying their leadership structure and MO.   Heraldry: TBD   Motto or Slogan: TBD   Stereotypical House Character Strengths: Pragmatic   Stereotypical House Character Weaknesses: Syncomphantic overly flamboyant schmemers   Resources/Advantages: They have an impressive spy network for a lesser house.   Liabilities/Vulnerabilities: They are believed to be hiding something sinister.   Leadership Style: Mafiaesaque style similar to Goirsonad only even more secretive   Magical Aptitudes: Publicly they claim to be trying to be jack of all trades with regards to the magic schools.
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