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Countess of Dusk's Glory

The Countess of Dusk's Glory is the feudal ruler of County of Dusk's Glory and is nominally answerable to the Duke of Crescent Rock, at least on paper.   Like most Swynfaredian titles, the County rulership is unisex and passes to the eldest direct heir who has sorcery regardless if it is a sorcerer or sorcress. In this case, it is a sorceress.


See to the welfare of the people of the county, at least the non-goblin populations. Pay taxes and provide levies for the Duke of Crescent Rock.


Collect taxes and income from the County of Dusk's Glory. Most of this income comes from coal mining.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Coal Countess
Length of Term
Reports directly to
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