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House Gorisonad

Established by the dragon Gorisonad the Wise, House Gorisonad is one of the four founding houses, and it’s arguably the house that maintained its power and prestige best.  Gorisonad is the chief rival to House Numaness.   Gorisonad's motto is that “knowledge is power.” When House Gorisonad (and Gorisonad himself was still alive) the house was established as a house of scholars. While they still control vast dusty libraries, and the house still values knowledge but they have sort evolved/devolved into a house of spymasters.   Heraldry: A grey snake-like dragon holding a scroll   Motto or Slogan: “Knowledge is power”   Stereotypical House Character Strengths: Clever, resourceful, intelligent   Stereotypical House Character Weaknesses: Arrogant, duplicitous, ruthless   Resources/Advantages: The House controls a lot of resource rich territory, a prestigious name, a deep spy network with all the criminal contacts and blackmail opportunities this opens up possibilities for.   The House controls five duchies and many counties   Liabilities/Vulnerabilities: The house is very unpopular, distrusted by other nobles and resented by the lower classes.   Their famed family loyalty is beginning to erode as some of the spymasters are turning their attentions to each other. They are not at the point of rampant kin slaying yet, but the family is so secretive that the right hand often doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and family members’ schemes will accidentally work at cross purposes (where one family member assassinates a rival another was trying to blackmail) or they will unknowingly create redundant plans (where two people try to blackmail the same target unnecessarily).   Leadership Style: Mafiaesque. Be ruthless and efficient, but family loyalty comes first.   Magical Aptitudes: Divination is prized above all else. Illusion and Abjuration magic are also highly prized. The more flashy magic is best left to the “lesser houses.” If the house wants an invoker they will usually try to trick an invoker from another house into doing their bidding.

Knowledge is power

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