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House Numaness

House Numaness is one of the four founding houses Kingdom of Swynfaredia. Named after the Dragon, Numaness the Mystic, By most accounts, House Numaness is the most powerful and influential house in Swynfaredia. The current queen is of House Numaness.   Heraldry: A lanky purple dragon with a crown like frill   Motto or Slogan: TBD, something vague about being strong magically   Stereotypical House Character Strengths: Resourceful, brave, wise   Stereotypical House Character Weaknesses: Arrogant, uptight, aloof   Resources/Advantages: The House is very versatile boasting the second or third most richest fiefdoms the second or third strongest army, the second or third best store of magical items, the second or third best spy network.   The House controls six duchies and many counties.   Liabilities/Vulnerabilities: When you are at the top you have more enemies. Every other house either covets the crown or wants to manipulate it. They are not especially popular with the commoners.   A recent problem is that their aggressive parenting to make their children “excellent in all things” is leading to burnout creating sorcerers and sorceresses versatile enough to be terrible at several things at once. Some of them are seeking an edge by using forbidden magic or other cheats.     Leadership Style: House Numaness demands excellence from all who work for them. Flaws and mistakes will be pointed out while successes barely acknowledged.     Magical Aptitudes: House Numaness encourages their sorcerers to be versatile with most of them spreading a few dots in several schools of magic rather than specializing.


In its infancy, House Numaness valued magical power above all other things. It was joked that their nobles could perform miracles with magic but couldn’t even cut their own meat without casting a spell.   The first Swynfaredian king was established by a series of magical duels. Unsurprisingly the first King was a son of Numanes, but his heirs did not hold the crown very long. While House Numaness technically had the crown more often than House Goirsonad did, Numaness had a lot of weak kings and queens that were often paper tigers manipulated by their courtiers and vassals. Over many generations, after dozens if not hundreds of very painful lessons, House Numaness learned to play politics. While the young house once strived for magical excellence above all things, the current iteration of House Numaness encourages its sons and daughters to be excellent in everything. They want magically skilled nobles who can wield a sword effectively, be social butterflies, cutthroat politicians, and well-read academics all in one package.

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Character flag image: House Numaness Crest by Me with Worldspinner's Heraldry Program


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