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Duchy of Dragons' Mooring

The Duchy of Dragon's Mooring is in the far southeast corner of land of Swynfaredia, bordering the land of Uskala to the east and the ocean to the south.   It's claim to fame is Swynfaredia's largest port city.


The realm is a vassal state to the Queen of Swynfaredia under the banner of House Numaness.   The Duke is not the Queen's biggest fan being generally against her plans to annex Fumaya but he is not particularly outspoken with his misgivings.


Four of the five counties border the river. The fifth county is gerrymandered to make up the duchy's entire border with land of Uskala and is heavily fortified.   The rest of the region is pretty open relying heavily on the military county to keep the Uskalans at bay.

Industry & Trade

A port city at the mouth of a wide navigable river is the focal point of the land of Swynfaredia's international commerce.   Outside the port city, the economy is almost entirely agragrian.


The realm is adiministratively split into five relatively small counties. Two of which are controlled by House Numaness, one by House Gorisonad, one by House Fremiss-Bryallan and one by House Cefnor.


The realm was annexed into the Kingdom of Swynfaredia after conquering the realm from a petty independent kingdom that long before was a breakaway territory of the Elven Empire.   Originally, the port city was little more than fisherman's wharf, but it grew in population and wealth as it became an important trade artery for then emerging superpower that was Swynfaredia.


Fairly flat and open with a river bisecting the broader province.


Subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. The area experiences a lot of rain.

Natural Resources

Fertile farmland and pastures clustered around a port city with a nice deep harbor and a navigable river.
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