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House Cefnor

House Cefnor is one of Swynfaredia's younger houses but one with great ambition.   House Cefnor is not the only house that has lands that border the sea (most of the major houses have a piece of coastal land now), but they are the only house that really loves the sea. House Cefnor believes that the future of Swynfaredia’s prosperity is in sea trade and perhaps even overseas colonies. If the other houses want to ignore the ignore sea power, that’s their problem, that just leaves more riches for Cefnor.   Their plan since their house founding is to avoid risks and not make waves (metaphorically at least), quietly building up power through sea based commerce.     Heraldry: TBD. Maybe a dragon with a fish tail or otherwise obvious aquatic features.     Motto or Slogan: Not sure what their public motto is, but their secret motto is “hide your strength.”     Stereotypical House Character Strengths: Dependable, pragmatic     Stereotypical House Character Weaknesses: Boring, secretive     Resources/Advantages: Ships. Cefnor controls a plurality of Swynfaredia's merchant ships and a near monopoly on Swynfaredia’s warships.     Liabilities/Vulnerabilities: They have been so quiet and apolitical that the other Houses are sure they must be hiding something really bad. The House is the subject of lots of nasty rumors. The House elders have ironically ordered some of their young adults to get involved in political intrigues to allay suspicions but this isn’t working very well. The House is not very good at cloak and dagger politics.   No one in Cefnor knows this, but houses that actually have real dirty secrets are already making contingency plans to frame members of House Cefnor if any of their own dirty schemes are partially exposed.     Leadership Style: Slow and steady wins the race. Avoid unnecessary risks. As long as the house moves up not down, it doesn’t matter if the growth is slow.     Magical Aptitudes: They have a mild preference for Transmutation and Divination.

Hide your strength

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Geopolitical, Clan
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