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House Fremiss-Angharad

House Fremiss-Angharad was named (posthumously) after Lord Angharad. Ironically, Lord Angharad would have hated to have a house named after him as he tried to keep the House together.   On paper, Fremiss-Angharad is the house that is the true heir of House of Fremiss (they backed the right pony in the last civil war), though in most respects their apple has fallen very far from the tree of the dragon Fremiss the Vibrant. Compared to their commoner loving exuberant brave warrior forebears, Fremiss-Angharad are now a bunch of arrogant, scheming uptight chicken hawks. About the only thing they have that arguably still makes them Fremiss is a slight hedonistic streak.   Fremiss-Angharad has some mines and these mines are staffed in large part by goblin slaves. A move that is somewhat controversial in Swynfaredia. Fremiss Angharad isn't the only house that has goblin slaves, but they certainly have the most.   Heraldry: A red dragon with prominent horns that is usually breathing fire, plus some kind of variation. Maybe either something for Greymoria or nothing at all since there house is the “official” House Fremiss.   Motto or Slogan: Be the fire of life (now it’s an empty motto no one pays any attention to).   Stereotypical House Character Strengths: Shrewd, magically adept   Stereotypical House Character Weaknesses: Miserly, heartless   Resources/Advantages: The full support of the Children and above average support from most of the other priesthoods. They have excellent access to scrolls, potions, and reagents above than their overall wealth would suggest they could have.   The House is the most landed Fremiss offshoot controlling three duchies and many counties.   Liabilities/Vulnerabilities: Fremiss A has rich productive land but a lot of their income is tied up in a series of promising for ongoing donations to the various priesthoods. The Children's enemies are now Fremiss A’s enemies.   Leadership Style: “I don’t care how you do it, just get it done.”   Magical Aptitudes: Enchantment and Illusion are favored.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Framiss A bet all their chips on backing Greymoria's priesthood giving the Children a prize they rarely have: a modicum of respectability. In return the Children give Framiss access to some of the prolific reagent dealers and magical item crafters in all of Scarterra, an impressive spy network, and clandestine contacts with all sorts of scary monsters.   Even in Swynfaredia, Greymoria is not a very popular goddess, and siding with her publicly can trigger a hostile response with the worshipers Greymoria’s divine rivals. Framiss A mitigates this by buying them off. For everyone but the Guardians this usually works (the Guardians are very tight with Framiss B). Framiss A spends more gold on donations than any other house, even houses that are collectively much richer than they. To everyone who is not a priest or priestess, Framiss A is seen as House of tightfisted misers.

Be the fire of life

Founding Date
941 on paper, 1091 in reality
Political, Family
Alternative Names
Fremorians (derogatory)
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

Cover image: Fremiss Heraldry V by Me with Midjourney
Character flag image: Fremiss Heraldry V by Me with Midjourney


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