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Duchy of Greater Fremiss

The historical great seat of power of the original House Fremiss, but is now only the seat of power for House Fremiss-Angharad.


The Duchy is a direct vassal state of the Queen of Swynfaredia.   Administratively, the duchy is split into three counties, two controlled by House Fremiss-Angharad and one controlled by House Kovenoth.   Neither Fremiss-Angharad or Kovenoth are particularly happy with this arrangement.

Industry & Trade

The realm has a modest agricultural surplus, but the bulk of the rulers' wealth is sustained by their mining industry.


The Duchy of Greater Fremiss is the historical seat of the original House Fremiss but as House Fremiss has fractured into smaller piece, the realm of Greater Fremiss has lost both land and prestige.


The realm is mostly flat cultivated farmland dotted with a few hills and small woods.


Temperate with relatively mild winters.

Natural Resources

The realm is the only duchy in the Old Talama Region that does not have a magic font, and thus has limited native ability to gather reagents.   The realm does have fertile farmland, modest timberland, and a couple productive mines, so the Duke of Greater Fremiss is hardly a pauper.
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