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Old Talama Region

The northwest region of Swynfaredia is referred to as "Old Talama". Old Talama represents the Swynfaredian territory that used to be a part of the kingdom of Talama before Swynfaredia conquered them. That was roughly a hundred years ago. There are still pockets of Talaman humans that consider the Swynfaredians foreign occupiers.


The region is tied to Kingdom of Swynfaredia's feudal system made up of four duchies, richest to poorest.   The Duchess of Dwyns ruled by House Gorisonad (four counties)   Duchy of Peredur ruled by House Numaness (three counties, two House Numaness, one House Gareth)   Duchy of Sion ruled by House Fremiss-Bryallan (five counties, two controlled by Fremiss-Bryallan, one by House Numaness, one by House Gareth and one by House Kovenoth)   The Duchy of Crescent Rock controlled by House Kovenoth with four counties.   There is also a county not tied to any of the duchies that is Queen of Swynfaredia's personal demense encompassing Blue River City.


Most of the castles and fortresses are Talaman in origin, having been conquered and somewhat refurbished by their new Swynfaredian lords.   Blue River City is walled but relatively few of the region's other settlements can boast walls.

Industry & Trade

The region exports a small amount of foodstuffs and reagents. It exports a fairly large amount of mineral resources.   They have to import some of their fuel and most of their building materials.


Old Talama was known as the Kingdom of Talama for centuries before Swynfaredia annexed the realm and reorganized it.

Points of interest

Blue River City is the original capital of the defunct Kingdom of Talama and is also the largest city in terms of land area and the second largest city in terms of population.   Since it was built by Talamans, the buildings go out more than they go up.


Talaman architecture is loosely inspired by real world Earth Russian architecture featuring domed roofs and oranate decoration.   Swynfaredian architecture is characterized by tall reaching towers and lots of draconic imagery. The region has lots of both.


The regions is dominated by gently rolling hills and plains. The region is dotted with a few wooded areas and a few steeper hills can be found.   The region's main source of water is the Blue River and its tributaries which serves as a source of fresh water to many and accomodates a lot of barge traffic.


The region is temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The region has fertile cropland, readily available fresh water, and decent reagents harvesting. The region has some timberland, enough to meet their fuel needs but not enough to build a lot of wood buildings in lieu of buildings made of stone, clay bricks or in the case of some peasants sod houses.   The region boasts a handful of productive mines and quarries.

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