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Southwest Region of Swynfaredia

The Southwest quadrant of Swynaferedia's territory is bordered by Old Talama on the north, the sea on the south, a river on the east, and other nations on the west, primarily Stahlheim and a the Foroden Forest colony of the Elven Empire.   The region was conquered by Swynfaredia, but it happened so long ago, all the locals consider themselves Swynfaredian now, but that doesn't mean they all have no complaints about the dragon bloods.


Like most of Sywnfaredia, the realm is roughly 90% humans, but this region is unique in Swyfnaredia for having the only significant resident alien dwarf population.   Many Stahlheimer dwarves opt to move here, ply their trade for a few decades and then return home to Stahlheim.


The region is tied into Kingdom of Swynfaredia's feudal system.   The region is administratively divided into five duchies averaging five counties each. While the region is fairly rich, counties are a bit smaller than one would normally see which dilutes the wealth of the dragon blood nobles enough to make them hungry contributing to the competitiveness of the region.   Richest to poorest,   Duchy of Trysorcontrolled by House Numaness. Counties are (Numanessx2, Gorisonad, Selwyth, Kovenoth)   Duchy of Tirmyn  
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The ducal county seat is County of Aurdraig controlled by House Gorisonad.   The other counties are controlled by House Fremiss-Bryallan, House Numaness, House Fremiss-Caedwin, and House Gareth
  Duchy of Gwynllan controlled by House Gorisonad, counties are Gorisonad, Fremiss-Ax2, Fremiss-B and Selwyth.   Duchy of Caregdya controlled House Fremiss-Angharad. Counties are Fremiss-A x2, Fremiss-B, Fremiss-C and Gorisonad.   Duchy of Arfordir controlled by House Kovenoth. Counties are Kovenothx2, Fremiss-A, Ceffnor, and Numaness.   One problem excacerbating the conflicts between dragon bloods is that most dukes and duchesses have several vassals not from their own or alliled houses, so there are a lot of divided and often conflicted political loyalties. A problem experienced by Swynfaredia as a whole, but more severe in this region.


The western border area is well fortified with dwarf constructed forts while the interior is relatively free of major fortifications since the interior is so rarely threatened, but as the realm prospers and intercine politics become more fierce, more interior lords and ladies are building larger and stronger castles.

Industry & Trade

The region is more or less self sufficient with regards to food and reagents though most luxury foods or specialized reagents are imported. The region exports a little bit of timber and a lot of metal and coal.   The coastline is somewhat difficult to navigate but not impossible to navigate. There are a few reasonable harbors, but the region is not nearly the hub for shipping that Swynfaredia's southwest region is.


Before Swynfaredia took over these lands, these lands were controlled by the breakaway human subjects of the Elven Empire. Swynfaredia annexed it piece by piece until the remaining 2/3s realized the jig was up and tried to ally against Swynfaredia prompting them to unite into a single country for safety.   Swynfaredia still had a decisive military advantage against this fledgling alliance.   These humans desperately turned to their old enemies, the Elven Empire or succor, but Swynfaredia bought the Empire‚Äôs non-interference by giving them a fair bit of gold and promising them a little bit of their land back (a promise they kept).   After the initial annexation, the realm has been relatively stable though occasional threats come out of the wilds of the World Seam Mountains, they haven't faced any major conflict from their civilized neighbors.   Among dragon bloods, this region of Swynfaredia is one of the most coveted with many trying to marry or negotiate their way into these lands. The lands are fairly prosperous and resource rich and they don't have the stifling oversight Old Swynfaredia Region, the chaos of the Swynfaredian Grey Forest, the resentful populace of Old Talama Region, and the looming threat from the Kingdom of Uskala like the southeast region.   This has the unfortunate side effect of making the region a new hotbed of intrigue among the ruling class, but it has yet to bleed over into causing serious problems for the lower classes.


The architecture here is a cosmopolitan mix of influences.   Swynfaredian architecture favors tall towers and large arches and doorways and lots of draconic imagery. That is present here.   Originally this region was a colony of the Elven Empire and a few hints of grey elf architecture remain.   There is also some influence from Umera during the newly freed human colonies the region were briefly allied with Umera. Even after Swynfaredia annexed the region, the region maintained trade and cultural ties with Umera.   A lot of buildings are constructed under the supervision of immigrant dwarves, so dwarven architectural influence is not hard to find.


The region is geographically varied with plenty of plains, hills, small mountains, forests, rivers, swamps, and more. The terrain gradually becomes rougher and higher in elevation as one moves from east to west. The southern coastline is fairly shallow and rock.


The general climate is temperate leaning towards warm with fairly high rainfall.

Natural Resources

The region has a wide variety of resources with good farmland and reagents production, and timberland. The mineral wealth is greatest in all of Swynfaredia.
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