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Duchy of Crescent Rock

The Duchy of Crescent Rock is named for a magic font that happens to have a distinctive crescent shaped rock at the center of it.   Overall, the duchy is a forested hilly region in the northwest region of the Old Talama Region.


The realm is nominally ruled by a weak Duke of House Kovenoth but he doesn't have much pull outside his personal demense.   For example, the duke is opposed to slavery but most of his vassals have goblin slaves, and if the Duke pushes even a little bit, they will shirk his taxes.   The five counties are Moonstone County, the duke's personal demense, Turquoise Hills County controlled by House Gruffyl, Klarica County controlled by House Selwyth, and two counties controlled by House Numaness and House Gorisonad respectively.


The terrain is varied but it leans heavily towards hills, forests, and forested hills.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The duchy has varied resources including farmland, mines, timberlands, and reagents.   The farmland is adequate but is not great. What little surplus the peasants produce is eaten by the upper class and the local miners. The region cannot afford to export food outside of its borders.   The main exports are mostly reagents and timber, and occasionally metal ore.
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