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County of Dragon's Fire

The County of Dragon's Fire got its name for two reasons. One the area had a lot of dragon activity (though none recently) and two, the area had lots of coal and when Swynfaredia they wanted something more ostentatious sounding than "County of Burning Coal".

Industry & Trade

The local farmers and herdsmen don't produce quite enough surplus for the miners and upper class to meet their needs, so some food is exported.   Many minerals are exported, predominantly but not exclusively coal. The distant second ore mined is iron with copper taking third place.   There is a nearly spent gold mine that they work at because, it's a gold and even a tiny bit of gold extracted makes the effort worth it.  
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A lot of Swynfaredian mines are operated on the backs of goblin slaves. But the practice has been discontinued here (though not outlawed). The tunnel network is vast and convuluted and there are native tribes of goblins nearby.   There were too many instances of goblins escaping, making contact with local free goblin tribes and then the tribes enacting bloody retribution. Now the locals usually kill goblins on sight but they occasionally will capture goblins and ship them off to more secure mines.


The area has had a lot of dragons interfering, sometimes friendly and unhelpful to the locals, more often than not, unfriendly simply wanted to flex and steal treasure.   The area also periodically has to deal with various Scarnoctans popping in for an unexpected visit, more often than not unfriendly.   There has not been any new credible reports of dragons in the area since the Swynfaredians took over.

Points of interest

House Gorisonad has a small castle with a very large dungeon that they use as a black site for some of their shadier activities. Kormatin, scourge of the Gorisonads orchestrated an elaborate Trojan Horse ploy where friends pretended to turn him in for the bounty and brought him in with unlocked mannacles. Kormatin and company ransacked their black site and slew the spymaster Lord Rhydian ap Goirsonad.
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The area is rugged with steep hills and woods, with most of the flatter areas cultivated for farming.


temperate with hot summers, cold winters, and wet springs.

Natural Resources

Above ground there is some farm and pasture land and timberland. Water is abundant here, but not always super clean.  
The area has lots of mines on the border of lukewarm and cold.   Almost every mineral was found here at some point in the past, but no longer. Less than half of the mines are active with the rest being spent and boarded up, awaiting an event to replenish them. There is also a fair amount of intermittant water underground.   Between the dead mines and underground floods, the area houses a lot of underground caverns, both large and small.
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