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Kormatin Solo Session 18, February 25th 2023, Trojan Horse Maneuver works great

General Summary

We retconned that Kormatin bought a Bag of Holding while in Prophet's Pass last session.   Kormatin asked for an audience with the Queen Janah Wiern and received it. He explained that Lord Bohdan Wiern wrote to Kormatin suspecting their cousin Pallava Wiern may be a budding favored soul or sorcress.   Queen Janah was concerned that if Pallavi is a sorcress and Swynfaredia annexes Fumaya, Pallavi would be a political prize since conquerors often try to marry some of the conquered nobility into their ranks and she is probably the only Fumayan noble with sorcery. If she was a favored soul of Maylar, that would be embarassing to the House Wiern.   She asked Kormatin to find out if she is a favored soul or sorcress and if she is a favored soul, to figure out of which deity.   Kormatin and company next did some detective work and found out that Kormatin's mystery stalker was Inara par Gruffyl, a half-sibling bastard daughter of Rohdri. When confronted she eventually said she revealed Kormatin's parentage and Kormatin seemingly did a good acting like he didn't know that already and she floated the idea of Kormatin working with Kormatin and gave him a means to pass on clandestine letters.   She also provided a heads up and minor assistance against two rookie bounty hunters whom Kormatin and Bendek defeated and captured quite easily. Kormatin offered them mercy if they joined Fumaya's army which they accepted.   Kormatin and company proceeded Operation Debutante or "Kormatin's Seven". The basic plan was to use fake bounty hunters to set up a Trojan horse maneuver against House Gorisonad who put a cumulative 5000 gold piece price against Kormatin's team (minus Bendek).   Primary Mission: Defraud Gorisonad out of lots of gold   Secondary Mission: Kill Gorionad's wetwork spymaster Lord Rhydian.   Teritiary Mission: Loot additional stuff or attack targets of opportunity.   Kormatin's Seven was his usual team of Kormatin, Brigid, Ragani, and Bendek with Noggra the Tengku and Ujarek playing the roles of the fake bounty hunters and Aleesia the Satyr as back up.   After sneaking close to the drop off point, Noggra set up a drop with a shady gnome accomplice of Rhydian and they were instructed take their quarry into an abandoned mine which turned out to be connected to Rhydian's dungeon complex by a long tunnel.   Shortly after Rhydian confirmed the prisoner's identies. Kormatin sprung the trap and they cast off their fake mannacles while Aleesia and Bendek invisibly sneaked into the mine.   Kormatin's Seven fought Lord Rhydian, two highly skilled and loyal Talon Warriors, eight men at arms who seemed to be mostly disreputable paroled criminals and Rhydian's warden/head torturer who happened to be an ogre.   The battle turned when Kormatin offered Rhydian's minions 150 gold each to switch sides. Four of the flunky soldiers turned out their lord's Talon Warriors. Two others were wounded and driven off by Aleesia and Bendek. Two were guarding a mine entrance uselessly then eventually fled when they realized everything turned.   The Talon Warriors were slain as was Lord Rhydian. The ogre torturer fled but not until after looting a large portion of Rhydian's treasure from his dungeon, but there were still plenty of loot for Kormatin's Seven to grab including a lot of juicy papers from a master spy from a house of spies.   They paid the turncoat soldiers and looted the bodies of the Rhydian and his knights. They entered the dungeons, grabbed what they could and freed three prisoners. A woman named Eira who was pregnant with a half dragon baby. A Swynfaredian Vindicator-aligned Lantern named Brychan, and a Tester named Pembroke that Ujarek was affiliated with Bearers of the Ill Wind.   Kormatin's Seven took Brychan and Eira with them and reluctantly let Pembroke out and told him to go escape in a different direction.

Rewards Granted

Note that the spy stuff is pretty messy, you won't be able to get all the information below until you take at least a week of downtime to sort through it and read it carefully.   (treasure adjusted after Scarterra Purple Cow deflation event)   Conventional Treasure 20 platinum pieces   512 gold pieces   100 copper pieces   150 drams of gem dust   500 drams of Abjuration-friendly reagents   200 drams of Divination-friendly reagents   200 drams of primed generic scroll paper (to make a scroll at least 2/3 of the cost is the reagents in the ink, max 1/3 is the paper) but you could use this paper for ANY magic scroll. 200 drams of durable reagents   About 20 sp worth of Silverwood scraps (mainly used as material components for anti-corporeal spells)   5 pounds of beeswax   A spyglass (I doubt I’ll make them 1000 gold, but they aren’t cheap)     Permanent Magic Items   Magic Long sword, -1 difficulty use, +1 damage dice (950 silver base cost, likely ~1100 market value)   3 dot Healing Brooch, 2 charges, 5 charge max (90 sp market value per charge)   Shield Producing Bracer 13 charges, 20 charge max (3 sp market value per charge)   Shield Producing Bracer 12 charges, 20 charge max (3 sp market value per charge)         Potions   Expeditious Movement x4 (55 cp market value each)   3 dot Healing x2 (65 silver market value each)   Oils   +1 die weapon x4 (5 sp market value each)   +1 die armor x4 (5 sp market value each)     Arcane Scrolls   Expeditious Movement x2 (33 cp market value each)   Blur x2 (33 cp market value each)       Powders   3 dot healing x2 (80 sp market value each)       Books An illuminated manuscript on arcane Spellcraft written by scholarly Swynfaredians for scholarly Swynfaredians An illuminated tome of beginner’s alchemy   An illuminated tome of common poisonous plants, medicinal plants, and reagent plants.   Medical tome that includes section on delivering half-dragon babies.   8 volumes of dragon blood genealogy, including spells known. Mostly dead dragon bloods, but it has notes on contemporary dragon bloods.   A bound collections of scrolls on various locks and mechanical traps, retcon you probably triggered a few traps but Ragani could heal it.   A highly detailed map of Swynfaredia.   A bunch of spy notes   10 exp
Report Date
26 Feb 2023
Primary Location

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