Kormatin is a warrior for Khemra trained in capturing or slaying malicious mages.  

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kormatin was the bastard child of the daughter of a Count and an unknown man.  Later it seems this unknown man was probably the Swynfaredian lord Rohdri ap Gruffyl.   Kormatin was raised in his mothers court till his young adolescence when he was then oblated to the Keepers.  Already having rudimentary combat training, Kormatin quickly became a fomidable warrior and developed theurgy with great aptitude in the domain of Protection.   With this aptitude, Kormatin seemed a natural fit for the Order of the Lantern given how they often crossed sorts with hostile mages and Kormatin's strong willpower and aptitude for Protection theurgy made him a natural counter to hostile mages.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Kormatin has captured several Swynfardian spies in the Duchy of Wiern and busted up a secret murderous cult of The Decadents operating secretly in Wiern.  The latter accomplishment has made him quite famous or perhaps infamous as the leader of this cult of Decadents was none other than Lady Felicja, daughter of Duke Garland Wiern and sister of Queen Janah Wiern,

Kormatin is a holy warrior for Khemra trained in defeating nefarious mages.

Character Location
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Current Status
debriefing with the king
Current Location
Date of Birth
11 Hayseed/11 Zarthus, 1815
Year of Birth
1815 CE 22 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
bastard son of a noblewoman and an unknown father. Khemra's zodiac year.
one dark brown, on bright green
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Draconic

Cover image: Heroforge Potrait of Kormatin by Kormatin's player