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Red Pass County

Red Pass County marks the spot where supposedly, Fremiss the Vibrant supposedly routed an orc army before founding Swyfnaredia.   Red Pass County is a holding of House Fremiss-Angharad that is valued for the status of the land far more than riches of the land.


As sort of an unofficial extension of the Border Baronies Region, the locals and transients here are somewhat anti-authoritarian.   The rulers here rule with light hand because to do anything else invites open rebellion.

Industry & Trade

The region is not rich in natural resources and the locals are not especially easy to control, so the local countess receives very little in tax monies. The countess controls the tin mine directly and gets a modest income from that.   The area is a hub for adventurers and House Fremiss-Angharad mines the adventurers here by selling them various high end adventuring gear. Fremiss-Angharad also maintains the realm as a hub in their slave trade by paying adventurers for healthy captured goblins.


Red Pass County marks the spot where supposedly, Fremiss the Vibrant supposedly routed an orc army before founding Swyfnaredia.   At the time of Fremiss' heroism, the realm was a small independent, basically an extension of the Border Baronies. It was later annexed by Talama.   This land was the most popular Founder's pilgrimage that was not in Swynfaredia's borders.   When Talama was annexed by Swynfaredia, en masse, of course the Fremiss Houses were very interested in claiming this land for their own. House Fremiss-Angharad won the fight and earned the county.


There is a war memorial and ancestral shrine to Fremiss the Vibrant that is popular pilgrimage destination for every branch of the Fremiss family.   Even though House Fremiss-Angharad, there is an unspoken agreement to put a lid on the Fremiss feud in and around the shrine.   A lot of Sywnfaredian freelance adventurers use this as a base of operations because it sits on the gateway to the Border Baronies Region and Scarnoctis.   The areas attracts heroic idealists and greedy mercenaries and everything in between.


Rugged hills, small mountains, and large valleys.


temperate with hot summers, cold winters, and wet springs.

Natural Resources

The realm has limited farmland, and relies on pastureland, sometimes viewed as a sister province of the Wooly Slopes Barony.   There is also a small functioning tin mine. There are few tapped out mines that are connected to Scarnoctis.
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