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County of Lesser Dwyns

The County of Lesser Dwyns is the personal fiefdom of the Duchess of Dwyns.


The first Duchess of Dwyns invested every sapre copper piece in fortifying her magic font and surrounding reagent gardens.   A formidable keep and a set of walls defend the realm's magic font and the surrounding reagent gardens. Possibly the most foritified location in the entire Old Talama Region.

Industry & Trade

The realm produces an agricultural surplus and a reagents surplus. It produces enough timber to meet local needs.   The realm is mineral poor, but the duchies vassal states are rich in minerals so this is a very easy fix. They use their agricultural surplus to feed their neighbors miners in exchange for a percentage of the minerals unearthed.


The fiefdom was created as the ruling seat of the Duchess of Dwyns because it has rich reagents production, and that is usually what Swynfaredian dragon bloods consider prime real estate.   Before Swynfaredian annexed this fiefdom as part of their overall conquest of Talama, the reagent font was the basis of a feudal coven of Talaman classical hermetic wizards though the borders have been redrawn a bit since Swynfaredians usurped them.   The wizards were mostly wiped out in a bloody purge. One survivor joined the Deorac refugees in Fumaya and was instrumental in establishing the new Deorac tradition of instructing as many Deorac sons and daughters in wizardry.


A mixture of hills and plains with of farmland, pasture land and forests.


Temperate with hot summer and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The farmland and timberland is pretty good, but the reagent production is the region's claim to fame.
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