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County of Apples

The County of Apples is so named for its numerous apple orchards.


House Gareth, pretty much since the houses inception has been a vassal house of House Numaness. House Numaness and House Gorisonad are traditional rivals.   The Duchy of Dwyns is a stronghold of Gorisonad's economic power. When the Duchy of Dwyns was established, Numaness did some finangling to get one Gareth county into the mix.   So the Gareth Count deliberately has divided loyalty. He is obligated to serve the Duchess of Dwyns with material aid, while also serving as a mouthpiece and eyes and ears for House Numaness.

Industry & Trade

As one would guess from a place with the name County of Apples, their main export is apple cidar. The area produces a small surplus of cereal grains.

Points of interest

The realm holds an old and prestigious Nami temple and an old and prestigious Korus temple.


Hills and plains, lightly forested.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

Lots of farmland and pastures plus some relatively bee-rich forests.
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