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House Gareth

House Gareth was the first Swynfaredian house recognized that is not directly tied to the four founding houses.   Gareth was a bastard sorcerer that gained a court position from his great magical talent and reputedly a strategic genius. He also was good at brownnosing the nobility.   Gareth got a minor hereditary title to pass on to his sons. After generations of excellent service, Gareth’s descendants got to become the first new house to be recognized beyond the founding four Houses. House Gareth’s member usually backed the winners in every civil war and gained a lot of land and prestige as rewards for their service.   House Gareth has always been a militant house making sure their sorcerers are skilled in battle magic and making sure their mundane militaries were well-trained and well-funded. While lots of Swynfaredian nobles can fight, a lot of them are not very good strategists, something House Gareth usually does well.   Gareth used to be able to balance conflicting obligations to all the major houses. In the past if the crown changed houses, Gareth was able to smoothly slide in as the military arm of the new regime. Now they have gotten enmeshed deeply into House Numaness . If House Numaness loses the crown, House Gareth will probably suffer a demotion in land and status.   Heraldry: TBD   Motto or Slogan: Not sure yet   Stereotypical House Character Strengths: Brave, shrewd   Stereotypical House Character Weaknesses: sycophantic   Resources/Advantages: Strong military, favor of the ruling house   Liabilities/Vulnerabilities: They are the prime target for House Namaness’ enemies.   The House rose from low status to high status from generations of hard work and attention to detail. The problem is that the House has been riding high so long that it’s starting to get complacent and soft, in the younger generation at least.   Leadership Style: Military style discipline   Magical Aptitudes: The House favors Invocation and Divination somewhat, but they do not actively try to cultivate or discourage any school of magic especially.
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