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House Fremiss was one of the four founding houses of Swynfaredia, named after it's draconic forefather Fremiss the Vibrant.   On the positive side, House Fremiss was known for being brave and strong one the battlefield and for treating their peasants well. It was House Fremiss' pressure on the other houses which banned the practice of serfdom for instance.   Fremiss the Vibrant himself had more half-dragon children than any other Swynfaredian. His children also tended to be fertile, but not always monogamous. They sired or bore many true born dragon bloods but also a lot of bastards.   Due to intermarriages, pretty much every Swynfaredian dragonblood has a fair share of Fremiss blood in their veins. In modern times, titles pass to the eldest sorcery wielding heir. Originally, sorceresses could not inherit (though titles could pass to their sons if they had no brothers). A lot of the early children and grandchildren of Fremiss the Vibrant were girls, so more than a few dragon bloods with lots of Fremiss blood in their veins do not possess the Fremiss surname.   Originally there was a contest administered by the founding dragons where each of the four houses put forth their best sorcerer to see who would be king. King Steffon Numaness the First won, but many House Fremiss believe their champion was cheated. Historical journals popped up much laters corroberated this but by that point it didn't matter. Numaness had already produced several consecutive kings, and Swynfaredia could not or would not retcon things to put a Fremiss lord on the throne.   A lot of Fremiss early children were male and did possess the Fremiss surname. Given the Fremiss penchant for fertility, within a scant few centuries, over a third of all dragon bloods had the Fremiss name. Due to a series of early political upsets, the House was not able to capitalize on their numbers as House Numaness was able to consistently beat them in magic, House Goirsonad was able to beat them in realpolitik, and House Kovenoth were better stewards and managers of wealth. When Swynfaredia was young, Despite House Fremiss' numbers, they actually had less land and wealth than the other three houses and they had more nobles vying for a slice of the pie.   Modern Swynfaredia is known as a Byzantine nest of vipers, but in classical Swynaferedia fratricide and in-fighting was viewed as mostly a Fremiss problem. This further hampered their House's fortunes. Eventually the infighting grew to engulf the rest of the dragon bloods and Swynfaredia endured the First Swynfaredian Civil War, Second Swynfaredian Civil War, and the Third Swynfaredian Civil War.   Fremiss fought in both sides of all three civil wars though in the third civil, very few Fremiss were on the losing side. After the first civil war, House Fremiss was officially split in two. During the second civil war, another group splintered off.   On paper, House Fremiss A is the true continuation of the original House Fremiss but House Fremiss B and House Fremiss C both claim to be the true spiritual successors of the true legacy of Fremiss the Vibrant.

Be the fire of life

939 - 1256

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