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Second Swynfaredian Civil War

Also called the  "Second War of the Dragon Bloods".   This conflict occurred during an era when Swynfaredia's top noble houses had disproportionately more sorceresses than sorcerers, especially in the royal family.  The daughter of the king declared that she was the rightful monarch and not her male second cousin.  This started a new civil war as nobles backed one side or the other.   A lot of this was along gender lines with many sorceresses backing the queen figuring they would get more political power and rights and many sorcerers fighting to defend the status quo and their own, but not all fighting was along gender lines.  Plenty of sorcerers backed the queen and plenty of sorceresses backed the would-be king.   When the dust settled, the daughter of the previous king was declared the rightful monarch. The succession rules were rewritten again. From this point on, titles would pass to the eldest direct descendant who has sorcery, regardless of sex.

The Conflict


A lot of soldiers died.  Proportionally, a lot of nobles died as this civil war had more high level assassinations than the previous civil war.   Status was won and lost and new houses and titles were created.


Succession laws were rewritten in Swynfaredian.  All hereditary titles and property passed to the eldest direct heir with sorcerous talent, regardless of sex.   New houses were recognized.

Historical Significance


Swynfaredia military culture changed forever.  A lot of prominent nobles were beginning to view conventional armies as being obsolete and more effort was putting into militarizing magic.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The queen won the war and the crown.

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