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House Fremiss-Caedwin

Fremiss-Caedwin is the youngest offshoot of the original House Fremiss when Lady Caedwin led a large number of Fremiss away under her banner.   Fremiss-Caedwin has the least power and prestige of the three Fremiss offshoots. Their goal is to wield as much raw mystic might as possible. To that end they are a lot less picky about marriage partners “noble blood” as long as the marriage partners are powerful. They are more likely to bestow titles and positions to sorcerers of dubious heritage and they are unusually accepting of non-human sorcerers, especially kobolds.   Heraldry: : A red dragon with prominent horns that is usually breathing fire, plus some kind of variation.   Motto or Slogan: “Be the fire of innovation.”   Stereotypical House Character Strengths: Clever, resourceful   Stereotypical House Character Weaknesses: Naïve, foolhardy   Resources/Advantages: The House is fairly well liked by their commoners. The House has a lot of non-noble sorcerers on retainer.   The house only controls one full duchy in the Swynfaredian Grey Forest and a few scattered counties.   Liabilities/Vulnerabilities: Fremiss C’s territory is less wealthy than most of the other major houses. They also have less prestige and respectability than most of the other major houses.   Leadership Style: They are like emotional coaches that switch between effusive praise and verbal browbeating but they usually mean well.   Magical Aptitudes: No school of magic is really held as being better than the others.

Be the fire of innovation.

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