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Swynfaredian Armed Forces

Swynfaredia does not have much of a unified military culture. Each lords retinue is probably armed very differently from the nearest lord. Some Swynfaredian nobles view the maintenance of their men at arms and reserves as a low priority. Some Swynfaredian nobles view their militaries as high priorities but they are clueless on the best way to wage actual war.  The exception to the rule is House Gareth which maintains a well funded professional army but even their leaders are starting to grow complacent.   Given that Swynfaredians want to maintain their supremacy via magic, on some level, a heavily armed populace is a threat. Most commoners are not allowed to own or carry military weapons.   The real power of Swynfaredia is their magic. Slightly over 1% of the entire population is a sorcerer or sorceress, either born to the nobility, immigrant sorcerers, or bastard sorcerers.


Swynfaredia does not like to boast about it, but they have enough necromancers to easily mobilize an undead army equal to 1% of their total population.  These undead warriors are prepped and in reserve.    If Swynfaredia stopped hiding their necromancers in the closet, they could more than triple these undead reserves in a matter of weeks. The issue is that when Swynfaredians deploy troops of skeleton soldiers this usually backfires on a propaganda front.


One of the lasting consequences of the The First Swynfaredian Civil War, the Second Swynfaredian Civil War, and the Third Swynfaredian Civil War is that the noble houses have geared their resources towards defending their families against a hypothetical fourth civil war.   Because the civil wars have been mainly through magical duels and espionage, most of the Swynfaredian noble houses have neglected their mundane soldiers and militia to some extent.

Demography and Population

About 3% of the adult population are full time soldiers (roughly evenly split between long bowmen, heavy cavalry and elite infantry).  A fifth the adult population can be called up as reservists if needed.   That is a small percentage compared to most other human nations but Swynfaredia has a large population to draw from.


Swynfaredia has roughly the same number of divine spell casters as the rest of Scarterra (about one in two hundred people), but Swynfaredian nobles do not normally have close ties to the various priesthoods, if they want divine magical assistance they usually have to give them large monetary donations.
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