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Third Swynfaredian Civil War

The Third Swynfaredian Civil War or the Third War of the Dragon Bloods was different from the previous two civil wars.  The first two civil wars ended with a radical change in succession laws.  The third civil war ended with a preservation of the status quo.   The defeated challenger believed that titles should pass to the strongest sorcerers and sorceresses regardless of their bloodline.   The challenger and his wife were the strongest sorcerer and sorceress in the land and many of their lieutenants were also especially powerful.  Despite having an edge in power, their side was vastly outnumbered and eventually beaten due to attrition.

The Conflict


A lot of nobles were killed, including title holders meaning that a lot of lands and titles passed on to heirs and this led to some houses gaining and some houses losing.

Historical Significance


Ordinary soldiers very rarely participated directly in this war.  This led to the noble houses funding and supporting their militaries even less than before.   Abjuration magic became far more popular as the Swynfaredian noble houses realign their defenses to fend off magical espionage.
Conflict Type
Conflict Result
The challenger was defeated and the status quo was maintained

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