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Dauli Bloodline

A half-elf wild mage sorcerer from the Elven Empire, Belden and the grand daughter of a Umeran dragon Hidemi arrived seperately in Swynfaredia looking to sell their magical services to the highest bidder.   Both happened to have heterchromia. They quickly caught the attention of House Gruffyl who opted to become the highest bidder hoping they could talk them into marrying into their house so House Gruffyl could diversify their gene pool while simultaneously maintaining their house's signature physical feature.   The Belden and Hidemi had ambitions beyond being absorbed into the breeding stock of House Gruffyl and resisted these marriage offers and instead fell in love with each other. As soon as their first born son, Haruto was confirmed to be a sorcerer, Count Kynan ap Gruffyl quickly moved to sponsor the formal recognition of their new blood line.   A common problem for Swynfaredian bloodlines is that once they attain some numbers and status, they tend to get bombarded with marriage proposals from the established dragon blood houses hoping to reinvigorate their family tree's magical blood. When this happens, the children of these unions usually take the surname of the established house. Thus, the small "b" bloodline continues but the capital "B" Bloodline dies out.   Count Kynan Gruffyl concocted the idea that it would be a win-win if the new Dauli bloodline married Gruffyl bastards. By tradition, the children of these unions would keep the Dauli family surname but they would still expand the political footprint of House Gruffyl, and if the children have heterchromatic eyes, so much the better for the branding of both families.   The founding couple had six children, four of whom had sorcery. Two of them married Caia par Gruffyl and Ebril par Gruffyl respectively. The two mages that didn't marry a Gruffyl bastard found their children being offered Gruffyl bastards to marry, the Gruffyl patriarchs want to avoid incest of course.   Count Rohdri ap Gruffyl was plotting to marry Brigid to a Dauli named Jiro and this was the straw that broke the camels back convincing her to sever ties with House Gruffyl.   The Bloodline predominantly use names from Hidemi's home culture which happens to be very analagous to real world modern Japanese names.   Most of the sorcerers had sorcresses have some natural aptitude for the School of Transmutation.  
Based on dau liw, which is a welsh translation of "two color" but it sounds kind of like the Dai Li from Avatar the Last Airbender so I might work in an angle there too.
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