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bWhen it is spelled with a lower case "d", "draconic" means "having traits of a dragon." When "Draconic" appears it means "the language of dragons."   Nearly every intelligent creature whose genesis in the the First Age speaks some sort of dialect of Draconic whether they were friends or foes to the ancient dragons. This includes but is not limited to behirs, ocumati, delvers, giants , and kobolds .   Some especially snobbish dragons refer to the language dragons speaks as "High Draconic" and the language spoken by all non-dragon Draconic speakers as "Low Draconic."   Due to how many monstrous races speak Draconic, many adventurers study the languages. Draconic is also popular among academic types as many ancient texts are in Draconic.   Dragons are born fluent in spoken Draconic. All other species have to learn their language like any other. Dragons are not born literate. If they wish to read Draconic, they need a teacher.


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