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Laershin kobolds

According to the Laershin, pair of dragons worshiping Greymoria willingly spawned hundreds of kobolds instead of a litter of dragon hatchlings (each dragon sized egg held about a dozen kobolds). The dragons willingly did this so that Greymoria could have new race to assail the dragons who didn’t worship her. The first kobolds bred as much as they could but they died in drove. It typically took at least a hundred kobolds to bring down even a young dragon.   The Laershin kobolds believe that their descendants are those who rebelled against the cannon fodder role assigned to them. They took their name after the legendary kobold hero, Laeresh who showed them there could be a better way. Laershin kobolds assume other kobolds are either willing pawns of Greymoria (Gilgren kobolds ) or ignorant pawns of Greymoria (Tiamalan kobolds ).   Laershin are not very spiritually deep. Laershin favored souls are rare (Some of them end up leaving the tribe and joining the Tiamalans). Clerics are all but unheard of. Religious observances (what little they have) are usually carried out by the elders. Those who live above ground tend to gravitated towards worshiping Mera, those dwell primarily below ground gravitate towards Phidas . Laershin kobolds spend a single day a year honoring the rest of the Nine, except for Greymoria . They tend to view Greymoria as the source of all their woes and do not pray to her at all.   Laershin respect the strength that PC class holders bring to the tribe, but they don’t give them obedience. They provide their unique abilities for the good of the tribe just like every other kobold should do with his or her talents. Laershin tribes are either led by the eldest member or a council of elders (depending on just how confident and charismatic the eldest member is). The elders usually appoint a war chief. The war chief is usually the highest level tribe member as long as said kobold does not possess a reckless streak. During times of crisis, the elders usually give the war chief is typically given full control of the tribe, but tensions can rise when the war chief and elders disagree on when a crisis begins or ends.   Laershin are very territorial, and the least prone to migrating. They are the only kobold culture that commonly builds permanent settlements whenever able, usually underground. Even migratory clans usually have a semi-permanent winter encampment and very predictable migration patterns.   The Laershin are acutely aware that the kobolds are not political power players in Scarterra. They give other races a wide berth when possible. They are willing to negotiate with other races and are not too proud to pay other groups tribute. They are not high minded to not demand tribute if they have the upper hand, but this is rare.   They prefer to negotiate with non-human and non-demi-humans whenever possible expecting less prejudice. It’s common for a Laershin tribe to serve as a dragon’s eyes and ears in exchange for protection from a dragon (in both the benevolent and mafia definitions of “protection”).   As fellow descendants of former dragon slaves, Laershin kobolds tend to get along well with the dragons other former slave races. They are one of the few races that ocumati will lower themselves to work with (though the kobolds know they have to lay flattery down pretty thick when treating with ocumati). The Laershin are pragmatic and are not proud, but they are not cowards and will defend their territory versus interlopers by violence if don’t believe they have a better option.   While not overtly hostile, the Laershin view the Tiamalan kobolds as naïve fools. “If you try to follow all the Nine you end up finding none of them” sums up their beliefs. Laershin generally rebuff the friendly overtures of their Tiamalan “cousins,” but they will work together in dire situations. If a tribe of Laershin kobolds is ousted from their home and unable to retake it, the homeless tribe will often seek out a tribe of Tiamalans and briefly join them in order to get some strength in numbers until the Tiamalans migrations chance onto a new area suitable for a new home for the Laershin’s to put down roots.   Under normal circumstances, if a clan of Tiamalans happen to migrate near a settled Laershin clan the more territorial Laershin will politely ask Tiamalans that they meet to move along fairly quickly. While cooperation between Laershin and Tiamalans is fairly rare, violence between them is rarer still.   There is no cold politeness extended to Gilgren kobolds. The Laershin view Gilgren kobolds as willing slaves of Greymoria and traitors to their race. In addition to the ancient grudge, the Laershin believe that the Gilgren give the kobold race a collectively bad name. All kobolds look alike to most other races, and the Laershin believe (with good reason) that the Gilgren are ultimately to blame for the hostility most humanoid races hold for kobolds in general. If the Laershin find Gilgren in their territory they will try to gauge the interlopers’ strength and either kill them, drive them away or hide, calling in favors with allies if necessary. Sometimes they’ve managed to eke out temporary get along to go along agreements when two tribes’ clans meet, but Gilgren and Laershin have not worked together amiably since the Second Unmaking .

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