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Phidas stats in brief

Phidas “The Masked One” “The Scarred Lord” “Great Deceiver”

  Alignment: Lawful Evil   Priests’ Nickname: Masks of Phidas. Short form, Masks   Most Common Symbol: A silver mask partially shadowed representing the mask Phidas himself is said to wear.   Favored Magic: Crafts, Protection, Purification   Primary Dominion: The Barrier Against The Void   Divine Trophy : A silver mask forged from Turoch's skin.   Primary Gift to Mortals: The concept of currency   Synopsis: Phidas believes in promoting order and rewards those who support order and punishes harshly those who do not. Nothing is worse in his eyes then violating a sworn oath or contract. He is commonly viewed as the father of money and trade. He maintains the safeguards that prevent the Void from consuming Scarterra. He gained his nickname of the Scarred Lord and association with masks from taking serious injuries to the face while fighting Turoch. Phidas believes that since he suffered the most fighting Turochhe deserves the biggest share of Scarterrans' worship. It said that Turoch vowed revenge on Phidas above the others so he and his followers tends to be on the forefront of efforts to battle demons and Turoch cultists.   Priests and Primary Followers: Phidas' priests tend to seek positions as kingmakers ingratiating themselves to leaders at every opportunity. They tend to have a place in most governments. A small number of nations have Phidas as the official state religion due to very successful efforts of his priests and priestesses over the years. Merchants and traders tend to worship Phidas primarily and this permeates to the general populace in areas with lots of trade. Some of the monstrous races worship Phidas primarily, particularly underground races.   Common Times to Invoke his Name: Phidas' name is often invoked when swearing oaths or signing contracts. He is often prayed to before attempting a financial venture or battling demons.   Basic Tenets: -Obey all your oaths and contracts and repay all your debts.   -Help others fulfill their commitments when they falter slightly. Punish them when they fail entirely.   -Create order to encourage the keeping of one’s commitments and fortify the world against destruction and chaos.   Phidas' Portfolio includes but is not limited to: Defense against The Void, oaths/contracts, commerce, wealth, legal cunning, punishment, contracts, oaths, disguises, pragmatic ruthlessness, protection, protection rackets, life stones, subterranean monsters
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