Phidas spiritually affiliated creatures

Phidas Spirits

  Most Phidas spirits are pretty ugly. Many are sickly looking and emaciated, but this is deceptive. A lot of scrawny and twisted looking spirits  are surprisingly strong and agile. Many Phidas spirits wear ceremonial masks, but this is not universal, some like to use their terrifying visages to intimidate foes.   Many spirits have secret weaknesses. In the case of Phidas spirits, you can sometimes physically weaken one by taking off its mask. Not always though. Some of them can actually hex enemies with the sight of their ugly unmasked faces and keep their masks on for the protection of others, not themselves.     Phidas has spirits that are healers, advisors, warriors, and nearly every other role but the majority of his active spirit minions are punishment spirits or guardian spirits.   Guardian spirits usually guard Phidas temples affiliated treasure hordes. The most common guardian used happens to be gargoyles. Phidas loves employing guardian spirits that can blend in with the architecture and a great many of his temples have many stone Gargoyles on them. Gargoyles have been so successful that some of the rest of the Nine have begun creating similar guardians.   The Masks include more golem crafters amongst their ranks than most priesthoods. They usually favor non-humanoid Golems and often craft their Golems in the shapes of Gargoyles. A gargoyle spirit inside of a golem specifically created to house it is extremely powerful.   The most feared Phidas spirits are called the The Unmasked or "the Mask-less", Phidas' default punishment spirits that show up to punish those who break oaths and contracts. These are spirits with extremely ugly faces. They come in a wide variety of sizes and power levels. There are humanoid mask-less that act as bounty hunters and executioners and tiny little imps that cause wagon wheels to fall off or other events of general bad luck or dangerous "accidents".   Not every Mask-less is a killer. The punishment is usually scaled to the severity of the crime. As long as the condemned thoroughly regrets their lapse of honor, Phidas is usually satisfied.   The default spirit animals summoned by @Phidas affiliated spirit summoners are probably going to be magpies for flyers, foxes for ground creatures, and catfish for aquatic creatures, but that's not set in stone.    

Phidas Creatures

  It’s not known if Phidas helped Greymoria create the first goblins or not, but the plurality of goblins worship Phidas now. Laershin kobolds view Korus and Phidas as their two most important deities. This sort of sets a precedent. Many subterranean races commonly worship Phidas and very few subterranean races are actively hostile to Phidas.   It is not known whether Phidas created tengku or helped create them. They share Phidas’ love of gold and commerce but little else. Tengku are not very pious, but when they do take up the cloth, they commonly join the Masks. That’s a small minority though. The tengku are not hostile to Phidas, but they do not consider themselves Phidas’ children.
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