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Uskalan humans

Uskalan is the predominant humans ethnicity in the nation of Uskala.   Uskala's king is reputedly a vampire and is generally known for being a ruthless tyrant and a byzantine manipulator. This attitude has trickled down from the top of society to the bottom of society. Uskalans are streotyped as being a harsh, paranoid, untrustworthy and self-centered lot.   Most Uskalan NPCs have their names pulled from Google searches for "German baby names." Most Uskalan geographical location names are based on German words.   Uskalans are predominantly manifest¬†earthy¬†cosmetic traits.¬† Northern Uskalans manfiest some secondary airy characteristics and southern Uskalans tend to manfiest secondary watery or fiery characteristics.
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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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