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Uskalan gnomes

Most gnomes are known for their silver tongues. In Uskala, those silver tongues are forked.   Like in most human dominated lands, about 5% or 6% of Uskala's total population is made up of gnomes. Uskalan gnomes often stick to all gnome-subcommunities but they are not shy about associating with non-gnomes when it suits them.   The local gnomes have fully assimilated to social darwinism present in Uskala. Even more so than gnomes elsewhere, Uskalan gnomes avoid the limelight and choose to operate from the shadows building up mercantile empires or serving as advisors to powerful human nobles.   Uskalan gnomes are often viewed as an untrustworthy treacherous lot, especially by foreign gnomes, but the Uskalan gnomes are far too pragmatic to try to betray King Drosst. Well most of them are anyway.   Uskalan gnomes have a complex freinenemy relationship with the tengku. They are sometimes partners, sometimes rivals. Both parties love wealth and both understand each other.
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