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The Unmasked

The hideous spirits known as the Unmasked or Maskless, are among the most feared servants of Phidas. No two Unmasked are exactly alike but they are all ugly. They tend to be lithe, tall, and strong averaging around seven feet tall and 300 pounds. Their handsome strong bodies contrast with their scarred and ruined faces with perpetual pained expressions. They are usually male.   The Maskless job is not complicated. They are enforcers. Most of them are summoned directly by priests of Phidas for particularly tasks of enforcement but people who make certain binding oaths can unintentionally summon Maskless if they break the oaths terms. Most Unmasked are executioners hunting down criminals and destroying them. Some are bounty hunter’s bringing in captives live to stand trial. A few are meant to issue non-lethal punishments: maimings, disfigurement, or even stern warnings (usually accompanied with a serious but recoverable injury). Some even don’t focus directly on people and recover stolen items. Whatever they do, is very mission focused. Maskless do not serve in ongoing roles such as guard duty. Whatever summons them, when they are in the material plane it is never random. They are always undertaking a specific mission.   Each individual has their own style and Maskless will adapt based on their opponents, but Maskless in general favor offense over defense usually taking a two handed weapon in lieu of using a shield. They also tend to favor armament commonly used by the cultures of the priests or temples who summoned them. They nearly always carry backup weapons, especially daggers, Phidas’ favored weapon.   When pursuing their mission, Unsmasked often favor intimidation and brute force over other methods, but they are not mindless bullies. The mission’s success allows any methods. They will use reasoned argument, flattery, bribery, guile, or any number of softer methods to find their quarry or objective. In areas where Phidas’ temples are politically strong, Maskless can use their reputation alone to gain at least token cooperation from the populace. In areas where Phidas’ rivals’ temples are strong, the Maskless are not above using stealth and subterfuge.   In pursuit of their mission, Maskless will ally with others of their own kind or other allies of Phidas. Unmasked will often temporarily work with mortals who are friendly with Phidas, especially clerics or local law enforcement, though they prefer to rely on themselves.

Can they sire or bear half-spirit children?

  Unmasked never sire half-spirit children.   Also, gross

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