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A golem is a non-living object that is animated by a magic user.   Divine casters that have mastered the sphere of Divine Craft can create any golems   Arcane casters have to study each golem creation spell one at a time, but they don't have to be masters of their art, golem spells are generally midlevel.   The biggest limitation to golems is not their magic, but their cost. All golems need a fair bit of reagents and other expensive components to create.   The basic golem types are listed below from the weakest and cheapest to their strongest and most expensive.   straw and ragdoll Golems   wooden golems   flesh golems   clay golems   stone golems   metal golems     Once constructed and enchanted, golems need a power source, so that they can move. Golems can be powered by an elemental, a spirit from the aetherial realm, or a ghost.   Each potential golem power source has their own advantages and disadvantages, but most golem crafters and golem users prefer to use elementals.

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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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