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House Manasch

House Manasch was a minor house in Swynfaredia that clawed it's way into the middle of the pack by almost literally buying their way to legitimacy generation by generation marrying status rich cash poor sorcerers. They are not the strongest house by any means but they have their finger in a lot of pies so they involved with almost every political move.   Heraldry: TBD, I'm still not sure what the younger houses would use as their heraldry. Theoretically a dragon sitting on a pile of gold makes sense but Manasch himself valued subtlety and probably wouldn't want his house sigil to flaunt the houses semi-illegitimate wealth.   Motto or Slogan: “The strongest magic is gold”   Stereotypical House Character Strengths: Shrewd, clever, thrifty, cautious, subtle   Stereotypical House Character Weaknesses: Miserly, arrogant, cowardly, fond of unnecessarily complex schemes.   Resources/Advantages: Wealth and connections from dominating the reagents trade. They have more access to divine magic than most other Houses because they use their supply of reagents to leverage the preisthoods.   Liabilities/Vulnerabilities: Land poor. Not very prestigious. The Office of the Arcane Registry views them as rivals since House Manash is trying to themselves up as a money lending institution.   Leadership Style: They act like tough mafia dons to their lessers. They like act obsequious boot lickers around their superiors.   Magical Aptitudes: Most Manash nobles focus on developing their mundane skills before their magic skills. Manash sorcerers usually focus on Enchantment, Illusion and Divination magic above all others. They normally avoid direct and flashy magic like Invocation and Transmutation.

The most powerful magic is gold

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