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Manasch Matriarch

The Manasch Matriarch is the House Manasch version of Swynfaredian Matriarchs/Patriarchs.


Since House Manasch is so small, the process of appointing a matriarch or patriarch is informal.   In theory, all the family elders have a say, but in practice the family elders as a whole are only consulted if the rulers of County of Manasch and County of Afon-Manasch do not agree on who should have the spot which is rarely if ever a problem.


The main duty, like with most Swynfaredian Matriarchs/Patriarchs, is to propose and approve of proper marriages to preserve the house's political and magical power.   In House Manasch, the Matriarch has an informal responsibility to set a broad financial strategy for the house though this responsibility is shared with the Count of Manasch.


Historically, Manasch has had more patriarchs than matriarchs though the current officer holder is a matriarch.   For most the Manasch Patriarch has either been the Count of Manasch or if the Count is young, the mentor of the Count of Manasch.   The current Count of Manasch made it clear he has zero interest in being the House Patriarch and he was happy to give Eleri ap Manasch his full support when she asked for the post after the previous patriarch died.
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Length of Term
usually for life
Current Holders
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