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County of Afon-Manasch

Afon-Manasch is the second major territory claimed and run by House Manasch.


The realm is a direct vassal state under the Duchess of Nerseo.

Industry & Trade

The realm has a very efficient copper mine run by the best dwarf overseer that the Countess can afford. An important piece of the realm's economy but not everything.   The Countess tightly manages the agriculture surplus of the realm and has a lucrative business acting as a cog in trade between Swynfaredia and Uskala.   The Countess also moonlights as a freelance lender, but not to the same scale as her cousin the Count of Manasch.


When Swynfaredia expanded into what is now the Duchy of Nerseo, House Manasch bought their second county by forgiving a lot of debt several members of House Numaness owed to them and giving them a lost Swynfaredian heirloom magic item they "found".


The realm is a mix of flat plains and gently rolling hills. Many farms and pastures dotted with a few woodlands.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The realm has fertile farmland and solid access to a navigable river giving the county barge access to the sea.   The realm has modest timberland and a small hot copper mine.
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