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Duchy of Nerseo

The Duchy of Nerseo is a realm towards the northeast corner of the land of Swynfaredia, south of the Swynfaredian Grey Forest and west of the land of Uskala.   It was named for a dragon named Nerseo the Defender who's connection to Swynfaredian history is dubious at best.


The Duchy of Nerseo is a vassal state of the Queen of Swynfaredia under the House Numaness banner.   Queen Gwendolyn ap Numaness is no stranger to troublesome vassals but the Duchess of Nerseo happens to be her most troublesome vassal.   The Duchess disagrees with her queen's intention to annex Fumaya. She believes this effort will make Swynfaredia vulnerable against the kingdom of Uskala while simulataneously failing to ameliorate Swynfaredia's internal problems.   She also sides with Patriarch of House Gruffyl on issues of blood purity and believes her Queen is too accepting of common blood.


The realm forms a large part of the border between the land of Swynfaredia and land of Uskala with a fairly narrow river forming the border.   The area has never experienced directly violence between the two great powers but when tensions flare up between the two nations, the two sides will mass troops at the border.
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  Apart from the river, there are few natural barriers between the two nations so the river is dotted with fortifications on both sides. Both sides have contingency plans to destroy the bridges between them.

Industry & Trade

The realm is mostly agrarian with one modest town near there best mine and a river.   Most trade between the kingdom of Swynfaredia and the kingdom of Uskala occurs via sea trade, but this landlocked realm sees the griffin's share of overland trade between the two powers pass through their borders.


The realm is administratively split into four duchies.   House Numaness controls the ducal seat. The other three counties are controlled by House Gareth, House Manasch, and House Fremiss-Angharad respectively.


The Duchy of Nerseo is named after a mythical dragon that is believed to have acted as a sort of guardian angel for the region. Despite Nerseo not having anything to do with Sywnfaredia, the Swynfaredia's respected him and they kept his name for the realm rather than replacing the local name as they often did while annexing new land.   "Nerseo the Defender" as he was called, died or disappeared before Swynfaredia annexed the region. Supposedly, there is an old journal that suggests Fremiss the Vibrant actually tried to recruit Nerseo into the founders but was shunned.   It seemed that Nerseo agreed on the notion dragons benevolently shepherding humans but was actually opposed to siring half-dragons, an obvious deal breaker for working with the Swynfaredian Founders.   Swynfaredians spent time looking for Nerseo's dragon children and grandchildren. A few dragons have came forward claiming Nerseo's blood but they had their lineage disproven by oracles.


A few hardcore Swynfaredian dragonphiles will make visits to a shrine of Nerseo out of respect for one of the greatest non-Swynfaredian dragons known.   It certainly has nothing to do with a large black market den that is located near the shrine.


The realm is mostly flat but for a few fairly gentle hills. There is modest wooded areas here and there but farm fields and pasture land is the norm in most places here.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The realm has good farm land and modest timberland. The realm has a decent mine or two.
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