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County of Gruffyl

The County of Gruffyl was a county that Gruffyl the half dragon married into and insisted that his surname would have primogeniture.


Feudalistic. Rohdri ap Gruffyl is the lord of the county but he delegates most of the day-to-day running of this realm to his children, legitimate and otherwise. Most of Rodhri's personal attention is on his other holding or his broader grand schemes.   Rohdri is generally viewed positively by most of the peasants given that he does not tax them too heavily or otherwise oppress them. Barring those that are especially offended by extramarital affairs and bastard children.   Likewise, Rohdri is generally well-liked by his barons and baroness vassals because he does not micromanage them.


The realm has relatively average portion of soldiers and militia compared to the rest of militia with average levels of training (five-dice and four-dice combat pools).   I have yet to figure out what the exact population of the realm is.

Industry & Trade

Most of the agricultural surplus is shipped to the Old Swynfaredia Region for coin and Rohdri ap Gruffyl uses the coins to buy whatever he cannot produce himself.


Before this county became the de facto homeland of House Gruffyl, it was a County controlled by House Kovenoth.   The County was established under the current banner in 1678 and by coincidence only had male rulers. Count Kynan actually outlived his daughter and was succeeded by his grandson Broderick.   1678-1732 Count Gruffyl the half dragon   1732-1789 Count Kynan ap Gruffyl   1789-1820 Count Broderick ap Gruffyl   1821-1838^ Count Rohdri ap Gruffyl

Points of interest

Castle Gruffyl is the ancestral home of House Gruffyl though House Gruffyl did not build the original castle, they did expand on it a fair bit.


Mostly flat plains covered with farm fields, hay fields, and dotted with a few carefully tended orchards and woodlands.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The region grows a lot of cereal crops.   There are a lot of orchards of fruit bearing trees near the county castle. Most of the peasant lots have a few fruit bearing plants to supplement their cereal crops and vegetable garden.

Articles under County of Gruffyl

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