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County of Stone Hill

The County of Stone Hill is the ducal seat of the Lone Hill Duchy centered around a small town on a hill with stone wall.


The county is technically a vassal state of Lone Hill Duchy but the duchess of Lone Hill and the Countess of Stone Hill are the same person, so she answers directly to Queen of Swynfaredia.

Industry & Trade

The town has many skilled artisans who serve the wider area of the duchy.   The area just outside the town has some wineries celebrated for their quality which is the critical industry.   The region produces a fair bit of food, but not quite enough to feed the total populace, requiring food imports from the duchy. The realm has little in the way of non-agricultural resources so most other things need to be imported.

Points of interest

The Town of Stonewall is a local center of commerce, though not superimportant nationally.


A large central hill surounded by wide plains.


temperate with relatively mild winters.

Natural Resources

Fertile farmland and a tiny bit of timberland.
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