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Lord Bran ap Gruffyl

Lord Bran ap Gruffyl

Bran was the fourth born child of Lady Blodwen the Mother of Gruffyls and was the younger twin of Lord Nye ap Gruffyl.   At their birth, Nye was a picture of health and Bran was underweight and barely survived. As they grew into adulthood, the differences persisted. Bran was not exactly disabled but he was below average in physical robustness while his twin was a strapping young warrior.   Also, Nye had the family's trademark eyes as a mark of status and Bran had an ugly birthmark. Needless to say, Bran did not view his brother fondly and he did not mourn his tragic death.   Bran's physical stigmas made in bitter in general. He is not known for his social graces but he will hide behind a mask of decorum when around nobles but is openly dismissive of most common born.   He is a very skilled Diviner and Abjurer, and is infamously obsequious to Count Rohdri.   He rarely travels far from Rohdri's castle in the County of Gruffyl.   He never married, either because he didn't want to or no one wanted to marry him. Probably a bit of both,  
Current Location
Year of Birth
1769 CE 69 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Zarthus' Zodiac Year, Phidas' Zodiac Month
normal matching eyes

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